Get more clients with a better business website

The Westcape Business Site is the new modern and smart website for every business, designed to get you more clients, grow your client base and stay intimate with them. This is for businesses that believe in the future. Ready?

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Every Business needs Westcape

Whatever you do, Westcape is designed for you. This is more than a mere website. It's a system designed to grow your business.

Publish your services online
Receive requests, bookings or orders for your services
In-built contact and appointment forms
Showcase your work, portfolio or project with in-built Gallery
Showcase your team and their profiles*
Your business will be featured on the Westcape Discovery Platform
Easy-to-understand Business Analytics
Accept payments online*
Mobile Ready
Easy to set up, in under 10 mins

We are being deceived!

And this is what you can do

It doesn’t make sense to spend so much money on building a website, and then pay so much to advertise it, this notwithstanding the huge maintenance costs and yearly renewal fees. In fact, some website owners have never logged in to their website or updated it themselves because of how complex it is. What a shame!
We are building a technology that will reverse all of these. With this new technology, you simply fill a form on what your business does, the services it offers and you should have your business site ready and published in just under 5 mins.

You don't need any coding knowledge to use Westcape. And there are over 20 built-in Addon Features you can use without any complex integration. This is our only chance to stop the promoters of the "web design" industry who have extorted money from us without providing any tangible value.


Built-in Ad-don Features


Platform to grow your business


Platform to manage your business


Platform to reach your clients